Introducing the Quooker CUBE

Introducing the Quooker CUBE

Quooker are our go-to brand where multifunction/combination taps are concerned. There’s certainly no shortage of competition in the marketplace, but for build quality, features and style; it doesn’t get any better! Until recently, their combi (Boiling/Hot/Cold) lineup (Flex, Fusion and Classic Fusion models) were able to produce 100°C boiling water, in combination with hot and chilled cold. but now, there’s also the CUBE!

The Quooker Cube delivers hot and boiling water alongside cold-filtered still and sparkling water! So, you’re not just benefitting from a household increase in time/energy efficiency, but there’s no longer a requirement for plastic-bottled water, making this a truly eco-friendly option. The CUBE can be added to any of the preexisting Quooker systems, so there’s no need to repeat purchase or reinstall, if you already own a Quooker system.

To download promotional material for the Quooker CUBE, follow this link…
Or, to download promotional material for the complete Quooker range, click here…

If you’re thinking of adding a combination tap to your current kitchen setup, or are looking to remodel your kitchen entirely, we’d love to hear from you. We have a wide range of Hacker-made German kitchens, and British-manufactured Mereway Kitchens to view at our Milton Keynes kitchen showroom. Feel free to drop in, or get in touch to book an appointment. Whatever you decide, we look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

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