A Free Quooker CUBE

A Free Quooker CUBE

It’s official… the country is on lock down and, as of Monday, in the best interests of our staff and customers, and in accordance with the governments legislation, our team have been working from home. We are doing all we can to ensure continuity of care to our many customers, whilst thinking of ways to make that dream kitchen more affordable and accessible than ever.

With the vast majority of people spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, you could be forgiven for wanting to upgrade your surroundings, which is why we’ve launched a seriously special offer… For the duration of the lockdown we’re giving away a free Quooker CUBE – worth over £2,300 – with every kitchen order of 15K or more. And if that’s not enough, each design will feature a complimentary 360 degree walkthrough, allowing us to bring the showroom experience to your living room!

All quotations will remain valid for the duration of the lockdown, plus a further 28 days AFTER.

The Quooker Cube: at a glance...
The Quooker Cube delivers hot and boiling water alongside cold-filtered still and sparkling water! So, you’re not just benefitting from a household increase in time/energy efficiency, but there’s no longer a requirement for plastic-bottled water, making this a truly eco-friendly option. The CUBE can be added to any of the preexisting Quooker systems, so there’s no need to repeat purchase or reinstall, if you already own a Quooker system.

All we need from you to begin our – zero obligation – online consultation are your kitchen measurements along with any photos you may have. Please email these details directly to info@stadiumstudios.co.uk

Should you have any questions, and wish to speak with a member of our team please use the contact details in the website footer.

We look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe, and remember to keep your distance from others.

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