8 reasons to consider a German manufactured, Hacker kitchen

8 reasons to consider a German manufactured, Hacker kitchen

Stadium Studios stock, deliver and install a wide range of premium kitchens. But, when it comes to design, fit and finish, German manufactured kitchens, from the likes of Hacker, are right up there with the very best!

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen but haven’t yet made a concrete decision, the following guide to German kitchens could be just the ticket…

8 great reasons to consider a German kitchen…

  1. The cabinets are formed from high density MDF board, not chipboard. Unlike lower density chipboard, MDF is water resistant and won’t warp or deform, plus; connecting joints are much stronger, meaning your cabinets are built to stand the test of time!
  2. The doors are lacquered and sprayed, not wrapped. This prevents peeling and exposure, especially around the edges of wrapped doors, and any subsequent water damage that may occur as a result
  3. Units can be made any size, so you’re not restricted to ready-made dimensions. This guarantees the highest possible fit and finish, eliminating the need to cut corners throughout the design/planning process.
  4. Doors can be laser cut to any size, once again eliminating the need to accept anything less than a perfect finish
  5. Benefit from a truly handless kitchen, with rails and plinths cut to size, leaving no unsightly joints exposed
  6. Optional integration of high-spec, German engineered, pullouts and drawer solutions
  7. Choose from a huge range of the highest quality colours and textured finishes. Hacker, for example are market leaders where design & colour are concerned, within the kitchen industry
  8. A high-end German kitchen will add value to your house price

If you’re looking for more information around the design, planning and installation of Hacker-manufactured, German kitchens; we’d love to hear from you! You can give us a call on 01908 648640 or ask us a question via our quick contact form, accessible here.

Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for many years to come!

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